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Second Tattered Cover opens at DIA

DENVER — The Tattered Cover, the iconic line of Colorado bookstores, continues its expansion at Denver International Airport (DIA) with the opening of a new location in the center of the A Concourse.

The 1,200-square-foot location is the second Tattered Cover store to open at DIA. The famed bookstore is part of an exclusive license agreement with existing airport bookseller, Hudson Booksellers, a brand of premier travel retailer Hudson Group. In addition to the construction of four Tattered Cover locations at the airport, the agreement also covers the construction of five Hudson News locations. Two Hudson newsstands opened in December on the east and west ends of the B Concourse. A third Hudson News location is scheduled to open on the A Concourse later this month.

The remaining Tattered Cover and Hudson stores will have staggered openings throughout 2014. Upon completion, the Tattered Cover stores will be located in all three concourses as well as the Jeppesen Terminal.

“Our customers have been delighted by the addition of the Tattered Cover,” said Kim Day, Denver’s Manager of Aviation. “This Colorado brand brings a specially curated selection of reading material that raises the bar for airport book stores, and continues our efforts to offer a better variety of shops and amenities for our customers.”

In celebration of the second Tattered Cover opening, the A Concourse location (which requires a boarding pass to access) will host a special event with author Dave Barry (subject to availability):

          • March 11, Approximately 10-10:30 a.m.
          • New York Times bestselling author and acclaimed humorist Dave Barry will sign his latest book, “You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty.”