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Display Ad

All display advertising is sold on a combo basis and rates are based on column inches. A single column inch is 2.375 inches wide and 1 inch tall.

To appear in the main body of either paper, rather than the services or classifieds sections, advertisers must purchase FOUR OR MORE COLUMN INCHES. Advertisers who choose this option qualify for certain discounts (contract required) if they agree to run SIX OR MORE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. Rates, per column inch, follow.

Terms Rate
Open $11.35
6 weeks $10.53
13 weeks $10.12
26 weeks $9.71
39 weeks $9.30
52 weeks $8.89

If a contract is canceled before completion of the agreed upon term, each ad which has run is recalculated at the open rate, and the advertiser must pay the difference to keep their account in good standing.

Some of our more popular ad sizes, with their weekly costs in black and white calculated at the open rate, follow:

Size Rate
1/16 page, 4 column inches $45.40
2x3, 6 column inches $68.10
1/8 page, 8 column inches $90.80
2x5, 10 column inches $113.50
2x6, 12 column inches $136.20
2x7, 14 column inches $158.90
1/4 page, 16 column inches $181.60
3x8, 24 column inches $272.40
1/2 page, 32 column inches $363.20
Full page, 64 column inches $726.40


Bordered Classifieds, which appear in the Classifieds under a given heading (i.e. Help Wanted, For Sale, Farm & Ranch), and Service Directory ads are sold on a combination basis only, meaning all such ads automatically appear in both The I-70 Scout and Eastern Colorado News. Typically these ads are sold in five sizes. Their weekly costs follow.

1 inch ad $11.35
1.5 inch ad $17.03
2 inch ad $22.70
3 inch ad $34.05
4 inch ad $45.40

All Bordered Classifieds require a 6-week minimum placement. Service Directory ads require a 6-week minimum placement. Combination contract rates, as stated above, are available for Bordered Classifieds and Service Directory ads of 4 or more column inches or in conjunction with Display Ads of 4 or more column inches.

To place a Display Ad or Service Directory Ad, please call us.